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Support Learning in Riverside

The One Notre Dame Annual Fund is a reoccurring appeal to raise funds in support of quality education in the Riverside community.  Proceeds from the annual fund support the many exceptional programs offered at Notre Dame High School and help close the opportunity gap for students in need by supporting tuition assistance. The annual fund serves a larger purpose of informing the community of the value of Catholic education and its contribution to a diverse k-12 educational landscape.

Ten Reasons to Give

How Much Should I Give?

Giving is a personal and prayerful decision that should be made in light of your family obligations, your commitment to the value of Catholic education in the community, and your generous spirit.

 ✅ A gift of $100 would be a vote of confidence in the value of Catholic education in Riverside and Inland Southern California.

 ✅ A reoccurring gift of $100 per month would establish you
as a supporter of quality Catholic education.

 ✅ A gift of $1000 would help us to provide tuition assistance to a family in need.

 ✅ A gift of $10,000 would allow us to grow our enrollment, allowing us to invest in Riverside’s future.

 ✅ A generous keystone gift of $25,000 would have a lasting impact on the Notre Dame community, beyond the financial impact, clearly establishing the importance and impact of Catholic schools on the community.

Can I make a Pledge?

Yes! All pledges to the One Notre Dame Annual Fund should be fulfilled by June 30, 2018 in order to impact the current fiscal year. Monthly pledge reminders will be sent to each donor.

Can I Donate through a Stock Transfer?

Yes! Donations of appreciated stocks are beneficial to you and Notre Dame High School. If you have held your stock for more than one year, you can deduct the original appreciated value of the stock as a donation. Contact your Tax accountant for more information.

Can I Give in Other Ways?

Yes! While the One Notre Dame Annual Fund is designed to generate resources for the current school year, donations to the Notre Dame Endowment or to Capitol Projects are welcomed and appreciated. You may wish to give to:

Endowment – Gifts to Notre Dame's endowment will be an investment in our future, and proceeds generated from growth will provide future tuition assistance resources.

Innovative Learning Environment – Gifts to the Innovative Learning Environments initiative will impact student learning by providing classroom renovations necessary to achieving a blended learning environment and innovative learning opportunities for students.

Athletic Facilities Projects – Co-curricular programs are a critical component of learning at Notre Dame and a gift will help provide top-notch facilities for our student athletes and attract new students seeking a quality Catholic education with quality co-curricular programs and facilities.

What Can We Accomplish Together?

Invest - We can gain sufficient financial gifts in order to improve the school's learning environments in support of our pillars of faith, scholarship, and community.

Support - We can increase resources for tuition assistance, other than through tuition increases, making Catholic education affordable to all students wishing to attend Notre Dame.

Build - We can inform the past and present families, parishioners, grandparents, special friends, alumni, and civic communities in the Riverside area about the mission, vision, and financial needs of Notre Dame High School.

Invite - We can identify and engage the participation of individuals and organizations who believe in and support the vision, mission, and goals of Notre Dame High School.

Grow - We can broaden our base of support through volunteering and gift solicitation from Board members, friends of the school, current and past parents, alumni, school leadership, faculty, staff, and the Riverside community.

Thrive - We can foster recurring annual gifts from school supporters, including those holding leadership positions in government, school, and civic organizations, and friends of the school.

Support Notre Dame

Yes! I would like to support Notre Dame, serving the Riverside community and preparing students for college in the finest Catholic tradition.

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Cor Unum et Anima Una

The group of believers was of one mind and heart. None of them said that any of their belongings was their own, but they all shared with one another everything they had. -Acts 4:32