Welcome Class of 2026

What you need to know

A message from Student Services: 

We are very excited to welcome the class of 2026 onto campus. Over summer, we will be busy preparing student schedules so that everything is set for your first day on campus, Friday, August 5th.
Choosing your courses: 
Enrolled students have received an email with the form to begin selecting your courses. For any honors courses selected, we will need to verify your strength in the subject area through prior grades. Please forward your middle school report card to your ND high school counselor for review and placement into honors courses.
Summer Bridge!
Notre Dame’s Summer Bridge is also a great way for us to gauge each of our incoming students’ academic levels for proper placement. Many of you are already signed up, but there is still room for any other students who would like to take advantage of this opportunity to prepare for high school (view the flyer here). Through the program, students will be introduced to strategies for successful learning across multiple disciplines and will be assessed in their Math skills to recommend the ideal courses for Fall.
Summer Work for Honors Classes
If you anticipate on taking an Honors course, check out our summer assignments page here for course work!
Be sure to check your email throughout the summer for additional information. We look forward to meeting with you soon! 

Mrs. Dominguez Serrato
(Counselor for students with Last Names starting with A-L)

Mr. Nessman
Counselor for students with Last Names starting with M-Z)