• How will my student select their courses?
  • Students meet with their counselor each spring to review course options and select their following year's courses.
  • What supplies will my student need to start at Notre Dame? Students are provided with an iPad and will be able to access and submit all coursework through their device.
  • How is my student placed into AP / Honor Courses?
  • Students’ prior grades, overall academic success, and teacher recommendations will be considered for placement.
  • Does my student need to take Physical Education?
  • All students will be enrolled in freshman PE and Health. Their
  • second year of PE can be fulfilled with an additional yearlong PE course or participation in two seasons of a sport.
  • How do I contact my student’s teachers?
  • Parents can utilize Canvas to message teachers or email them directly. (www.notredameriverside.org/about/directory)
  • Is Tutoring Available?
  • An onsite tutor is available during pre-scheduled hours in Student Services.
  • What are the average class sizes and student-to-teacher ratio? The average class size is 20 students.
  • The student to teacher ratio is 6:1.

Student Services Staff

MrS. Alexandria Arguelles
Assistant Principal 
Student Services | Email

Ms. Maritza Serrato 
counseloR a-L Email

Mr. aaron Nessman
Counselor m-Z 

Mrs. Dawn Van Wagenen
Admistrative Assistant
Student Services | Email