What's Happening in Counseling

Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year! We are excited to welcome all students back to ND, especially the Class of 2026! Students and parents needing additional support are encouraged to contact our office with questions regarding classes, grading, tutoring, social/emotional support, or other general questions.  

Tutoring Service

Tutoring services will be available starting August 23rd. To request tutoring services, please contact see your counselor in our office or contact them directly via email. 

Tutoring hours are available Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-1:30 pm. 

Social/Emotional Support and Counseling

In partnership with the Wiley Center, social/emotional counseling is available for students to discuss coping mechanisms for stress, anxiety, and more. A release form is not required but will be sent to parents as a courtesy. All meetings are confidential and will be discretely scheduled during school hours.

To request services, please see your academic counselor for more information.  Social/Emotional support services will be available starting August 15th. 

Student Services Staff

MrS. Alexandria Arguelles
Assistant Principal 
Student Services | Email

MRs. Maritza Serrato 
counseloR a-L Email

Mr. aaron Nessman
Counselor m-Z