Intended Student Outcomes (ISO's)

Notre Dame strives to nurture and develop the whole student through the application of our Intended Student Outcomes (ISO's). It is our mission to create faith-driven, scholarship ready, and community leader individuals.  


Conscience-Driven Young People Dedicated to Living by Catholic Gospel Values:

  • Students possess a sense of personal responsibility.
  • Students practice moral and ethical behavior.
  • Students remain true to the Church’s tradition of supporting faith with reason and reason with faith.
  • Students respect the role of God in the lives of all His creation.
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Academically Prepared Young Adults

  • Students set, manage, and achieve academic goals.
  • Students develop the skills needed to thrive in a 21st century world.
  • Students apply problem-solving skills and knowledge in a wide variety of contexts.
  • Students recognize the necessity to continue education well beyond the classroom.
Student Community


Socially Responsible Students Who Seek Justice for All

  • Students demonstrate positive and productive citizenship and servant-leadership qualities in all aspects of their lives.
  • Students contribute time, talent, and resources to the improvement of their communities.
  • Students work productively with a variety of people to achieve common goals.
  • Students recognize and respect the roles of their leaders and peers to form a strong society.

We are developing the next generation of leaders, professionals and well rounded human beings.

-RaeAnna Ashton, Principal