AP Econ

AP Econ Summer Work Instructions

Hello Seniors!

I wanted to start preparing you for our AP class starting this Fall. I will be providing instructions and resources for the summer work, which must be completed by the beginning of the school year in order for you to continue in the class at the start of the new school year. 
You will need a notebook for the school year, which you will take handwritten notes in for each chapter/unit of the textbook. This will normally be done at home to ensure you are completing the reading and taking notes, of course, and I will grade it in class. You are also encouraged to add to your notes during lecture/discussion in class. 
  • Please get a notebook for class. Read and complete notes for half of the first Unit, which I will grade on the second day of school (we will do introductions on the first day). I will provide you with a PDF of Units 1.1-1.3 since you will not have access to the book yet. 
  • Review the Production Possibilities Graph and be familiar with what they mean and how to draw them. Have questions ready if you still have questions our first week of class. 
  • I will show videos throughout the course. So, please watch the first introduction videos and I will incorporate others during class time.
Let me know if you have any questions and how I can support you. I look forward to our year together, enjoy your summer. 

Ms. Rodriguez 

Introduction Videos

First page of the PDF file: APEconomicsUnit11-13


First page of the PDF file: ProductionPossibilitiesCurve