Attending Notre Dame

As the only private Catholic High School in the city of Riverside, students have a unique opportunity to learn in a small, caring, faith-based community. We take pride in knowing each of our students and support their academic, social, and spiritual growth by challenging them to get involved! Our mission is to encourage the growth of the whole student by preparing our students for a life of faith, scholarship, and community engagement through real-world learning activities. 


Notre Dame is committed to being a leader in innovative learning. As an Apple Distinguished School, students and teachers are able to create unique learning experiences extending beyond the classroom. 

Faith Life


Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, is the namesake of our school. Mother Mary plays a special role in our  community and encourages students to live a life of faith, devoted to the care of others. 

Student Life

Notre Dame students have the opportunity to get involved in significant ways! From supporting each other to volunteering in our local area, a close-knit, supportive community is at the heart of our campus environment.