COVID -19 Campus Updates

**Update 01/21/2022**

Student Quick reference for the new COVID-19 exposure/quarantine guidelines:

  • Symptoms: Take the daily health assessment, if answer is yes to any question, stay home. If symptoms do not go away after 5 days, take a covid test. If you test positive, stay home and follow quarantine protocol, if negative, return to campus.


  • Exposure Unvaccinated:
    • 10 day quarantine without testing. 7 day quarantine if negative on day 5, return to school. If positive, follow Extended Absence protocol.
  • Exposure Vaccinated:
    • May continue going to school. Recommended to test on day 5. If positive, follow Extended Absence protocol. 


  • Exposure Unvaccinated:
    • Complete 10-day quarantine and return to school when asymptomatic. Recommend to test. If positive, follow Extended Absence protocol.
  • Exposure Vaccinated:
    • Test on day 5. If negative and asymptomatic, return to school. If positive or negative with symptoms, finish 10 day quarantine, follow Extended Absence protocol. 

Covid Positive, returned to campus after quarantine and no symptoms.

The CDC has implemented that if a student was previously infected with Covid-19 within the last 90 days, quarantine is not recommended.  Students without symptoms may remain in school and participate in all school activities. 


Quarantine is the time frame of 5 days to 10 days.  It is determined by exposure or positive case, vaccinated, vaccinated with booster and unvaccinated.  Protocol for quarantine can be found on the CDC or County website.


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