Distance Learning

Under Notre Dame's Distance Learning Protocol, teachers are committed to valuable instruction remotely via Catholic Online Synchronously Learning. 

ND's Distance Learning Standards

  • Live, engaging class meetings three-times a week for 65-minute class periods via Zoom.
  • All class periods meet synchronously two times a week. The third class meeting is a Flex Day (see below).
  • A Flex Days means a class will meet either synchronously or asynchronously, depending on the course needs.
  • Our course schedule has built in hours for: Mass, study time, teacher office hours, mentor teacher check-in,  activities, clubs, & co-curricular meetings (sports, tutoring, student leadership, etc.).
  • Through our Learning Management System (LMS) Schoology, students and parents have direct access to course materials, assignments, grades, campus communication, & more!
  • Students can view all lesson plans and course assignments each Monday.  
  • Students receive detailed feedback for all assignment submissions.
  • Assignments will be graded and returned to students within one week of completion (teachers will communicate if an assignment is taking longer to grade.)
  • Teacher office hours and tutoring are available to all students who need additional help. 

Distance Learning for International Students

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Parent Informational Meeting-Recording 

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